We are a community of interests with the aim of Harmonize organisms & energize.

Who and what is AQUARZ

Our team consists of authors and initiators of partners and experts , as well as a creative team that makes our vision for humanity usable .

The name AQUARZ has arisen due to the synergistic effect of the most important elements of our initiative , namely from H2O - AQUA ( Water ) and SIO2 - quartz ( part of obtaining silicon ) .

These two archetypal elements represent the core of our plan and reflect the basic substance or parts of our diverse projects and products back .

This project is our commitment

The entire range of options , which we want to establish themselves on the international market has been created on a purely economic basis and has the potential to harmonize the cellular structure of organisms and build energy.

Here is an excerpt from our product segments:

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Feng Shui & Geomancy in the Sign of the Lucky

Knowledge is power and researching topics costs only the time it takes to find happiness. So that happiness is also liable, understanding is the prerequisite, as is the gift of heightened interest, and the beginning is already made. It begins in the head on a topic such as the ancient Chinese Feng Shui which is usually referred to as "misbelief and heresy", to really want to enter. It's worth it, because once you've discovered the evidence that it actually works because of rules, it will speak up in the future. This teaching for landscapes and spaces paired with the esoteric approach and the geomagnetic teaching as a parable, the targeted use of such techniques can do wonders.

geomantic on aquarz

Once the head is free it is worthwhile to look into the details and experience what exactly happens in the living space with humans, animals and plants. Similar to a drug that the doctor recommends to alleviate suffering and urges you to study the package leaflet carefully so that all the positive and negative options are pre-defined and the healing process can begin. If the dose of the preparation is insufficient, it must be increased. It is similar in geomancy and harmony, by clearly recognizing geological characteristics fields and streams of the environment are found, in order to then elaborate or redirect them for the respective application needs. Earth-energetic radiations have an unmistakable effect on the organism and can influence the body according to certain rules.

alchemy on aquarz

Spiritual perception, medial connection or witchcraft and shamanism are the buzz words of our Western European scholars and media-driven world when this "unbelievable" theme comes up. The ancient science in a historical context leads us directly to the foundations of geomancy, which were then still found in the Hermetic and partly in alchemy. Hence the term "witchcraft", since these teachings stand out strongly from the opinion of the indoctrinated church and the faith guardians silently condemned the "initiates" with prohibitions and punishments. So it was man, nature, and an ancient knowledge, which called forth the divinity and the almighty with the simplest means, and not church, king, and covenant. To this day, there are natural conditions that induce well-being and happiness in organisms and cause a positive stimulation in the body and mind.

Theosophy on aquarz

With Feng Shui, the oldest harmony of our humanity, the properties of well-being can be controlled and, depending on your preference, with energetic and energizing impulses, with moving currents, or with zero zones that neither challenge nor relax the physical organism. In our society today, the possibilities of well-known means of positively influencing the body's mind and life are no longer exhausted, as nature once communicated to us in the intuitive perception thousands of years ago. Unfortunately, this gift has been so stunted by many people over generations that the signals on the fine waves can no longer be perceived and thus the old beliefs became a superstition. In order to sensitize people, particularly in the case of the highly unbalanced, complex push-pull processes are necessary, so that cells can be energetically resuscitated by positive and negative impulses.

feng-shui on aquarz

Attention: We see ourselves as an association of researchers and hobbyists who have made this subject a mission in life and we accept no liability or do we want to question the belief.

Understanding old knowledge

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